SC2 Regular Meetings

The SC2 has regular meetings scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm at the Springbrook Fire Station. Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend these meetings. Youth are encouraged to attend any and all meetings with older youth being relied upon heavily for assistance at fundraising events, open houses, special events.

Who can get involved?

The SC2 is looking for interested individuals from every walk of life from youth to seniors and everyone in-between.  We are especially looking for people from within Springbrook that have a background in committee work, fundraising, media and public relations, who have an interest in skateboarding or BMXing or have children that have an interest in Skateboarding or BMXing.

Roles of Volunteers

There are several roles for volunteers.  The committee needs always is welcoming members of varying backgrounds.  This commitment will be meetings 1-2 times monthly as well as the occasional special events.
Special Event Volunteers will be called upon for fundraising activities, open houses and other isolated events or tasks that the committee needs help with.  Events will be on a date by date basis with no regular meetings.  Volunteers can be any age and will be needed on numerous occasions to help with special events and fund raising efforts.

Community Involvement

The Springbrook Skate park project is a grass roots community project.  This means that the success of the project depends 100% on the involvement of the community.  Springbrook is a growing community but being so close to Red Deer there are not the same type or amount of amenities that a similar size community would have.  It’s up to us in the community to drive change and to turn Springbrook into the community we desire.  This is our opportunity, with everyone on board this project will be a great success!

Proposed Basic Timeline

Building a Skatepark is not an overnight endeavor; it’s a multiyear project worth hundreds of thousands of dollars and needs to be done properly!  
Spring 2013 – Elect Executive for SC2 Committee, research Skatepark designers, develop fundraising plans and budgets
Summer 2013 – Fundraising and grant writing begins
Spring 2014-2017 – Design, Fundraising, Construction Tendering and prep work
Spring 2018 – Construction begins, Fundraising continues
Fall 2018 – Grand opening!

Questions or Concerns?

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the Springbrook Community Skatepark Committee please feel free to contact a committee member via email or phone (see contact info for phone and email) or come by a meeting!  We will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Also browse through the posted Myths vs. Reality and see if any questions or concerns are addressed there.


The SC2 will need to raise an estimated $600,000 to make this project a reality.  Corporate and private donations are always appreciated!  The SC2 committee is putting together different ways to acknowledge any and all corporate and private donations made to the project.  If you or your company are interested in donating please contact any of the numbers listed or feel free to drop by a meeting!

Our Designers/Builders

Fifteen years of Spectrum has produced over 1.4 million square feet of skateparks in North America, Europe and Asia, cementing us as one of the world leaders in creating insane terrain.


New Line Skateparks is Canada’s longest running and most respected municipal skatepark design and construction team. Industry pioneers with nearly 200 highly recognized projects and over a decade of concrete skatepark development experience.