Dwight Morency - Chairperson

no image  Hi I’m Dwight Morency the Chairperson of the SC2.  I’ve been in retirement since 2010 and since moving to Springbrook with my family have noticed that the kids need something to do.  With a background in Oilfield Construction I’m hoping I can use those skills to help the community build a skatepark that we can all be proud of for generations to come.


Marty Nish - Vice Chairperson

Marty  Hi, I’m Marty Nish. I’ve been living in Springbrook with my family since 2011 and we love our community! For this reason (also having 2 children) I want to help to do my part to continue to make our community of Springbrook a great place for families. And I skateboard and bmx a little so I'll be out there with the kids.


Bob Weinrauch - Treasurer

Bob  I’ve been living in Springbrook since 2002. I’m on the committee because it is important to have something for the youth of the community to promote a healthy and active lifestyle and learn to take pride in their community.