Gearing Up For a New Year

Just a heads up that we are gearing up for a new year with the Springbrook Skatepark Committee.  Our first meeting of the Fall season is Wednesday, September 17th at 7pm at the Springbrook Fire Hall.

We are inviting anyone that's interested in helping build a skatepark in Springbrook to come out to the meeting!   We are looking for people that can help with things as big as funding applications and as small as bottle drives and car washes.  Every person and every skill is an asset!  Come on out and see what's going on!  If you know anyone that's interested in helping out, bring them along!  The more the merrier!  Just a reminder that after the skatepark is built the second phase is a splashpark then a playground!

Meeting Agenda
September 17, 2014, 7:00pm
Meeting called to order
Attendance - In attendance:
Approval of minutes from previous meeting –

Standing Committee Reports
1. Treasurers Report – banking info - Bob -
2. Marketing Report – Website - Marty - update webpage - Hellish Hoorah
3. Fundraising Report – TBD

Old Business:
1. Donation Bin -Mike - Where is it?
2. Fundraising Committee - creation
3. Buffalo Airways - glen and Adrian pictures
4. CFEP grant application
5. Ramps move into tennis court/Chuck Insurance/lease
6. Breakdown of Adam Gregory - how did it go? Critique?

New Business:
1. Chuck - Adam Gregory Concert
2. Take Korina of signing Authority/New signer
3. New Membership/ Secretary position

Update timeline for Events/Fundraising

1. Next meeting date –October 1, 2014 - 7pm at the Springbrook Fire Hall
2. Adjourn meeting –

Next Meeting

October 18, 2017
All are welcome to come!