November 15, 2012

Springbrook Fire Station

Meeting called to order

Attendance - In attendance: Marty Nish, Dwight Morency, Adrian Pidhirney

Regrets: Mike Lewis, Bob Weinrauch, Barb Shakotko

Approval of minutes from previous meeting – Dwight motioned to approve October Minutes, Marty Seconded – Motion Carried.


·         New member s - Intro

Old Business:

1.       Marketing update – Bob sent in a draft of a logo, Marty had also been playing around with a logo. Marty’s Logo was very similar to parts of Bob’s logo so it was decided to go with the smaller part of the logo for now. Marty has begun on the Website, it’s up and running but has very limited content. The content that is there looks very good! Marty will continue to work on the website and a draft brochure. The website address is

2.       Charitable Status – Community Association is only a Registered Society, not a Registered Charity. Where to go from here? – Pros and cons were discussed regarding partnering with the Community Association or applying for our own Charitable Status. Partnering with the Community association will give us quicker credibility with places like the county as it is an established society already. It will also reduce the amount of administrative work needed for the committee. Negatives could be having increased influence by the Community Association preventing the committee from being autonomous. Also having only one registered society limits opportunities for fundraising opportunities such as casinos.

3.       Timeline – The name for the group has been determined for the group at this meeting. January 17, 2013 of 2013 (March or April Meeting) and the group will approach the Community Association at the next meeting regarding a partnership pertaining to the Charitable Status. Terms of reference will be worked on at meetings before the board development workshop. Board development will happen in the spring with terms of reference and mission and vision happening before then. General Elections for positions on the committee will be held on January 17. General information will be delivered to each house in Springbrook before then.

4.       Open Forum –

a.       Dwight brought information from the 3 vendors that he has been inquiring with. 2 companies build only concrete skateparks and have set prices per square foot making it easy to compare services. The third vendor provides all kinds of skateparks including modular ones. Canadian Ramp Company sent a kit containing different designs and composite materials that they make their product from. After reviewing the specs and costs of the modular system with concrete and determining the maintenance requirements needed for each it was determined that the modular system would need a much higher level of maintenance and would not have the lifespan of a concrete park. The benefit would be the ability to reconfigure the park at times. Both systems varied in cost depending on size and complexity with all being approximately the same cost. Adrian motioned that due to the maintenance issues we concentrate our efforts on building a concrete park. Dwight seconded the motion. Motion carried.


b.      Dwight motioned to increase meeting times to 2 times a month while the committee gets a firm grip on it’s needs as there appears to be a lot of things that need to be done on a tighter timeline. Marty Seconds the motion. Motion Carried. Meetings set for the 1st and 3rd Thursdays at 7:00pm. (7:00 pm to allow people more time to make it to the meeting).

New Business:

1.       Terms Of Reference – Mission Statement, Vision, Values, Goals/objectives – Adrian will do a template so members can fill in their ideas for the mission, vision, and terms of reference.

2.       Confirm dates for Board Development Session (in Spring) – Tabled until a board is elected. Adrian has talked to Dawn Lamontagne from Red Deer County Community Services.


1.       Next meeting date – Next Meeting will be December 6, 2012 then January 3, 2013 7:00 pm start time for both

2.       Adjourn meeting – Meeting Adjourned at 9:09 pm

Next Meeting

October 18, 2017
All are welcome to come!