December 6, 2012

Springbrook Fire Station

Meeting called to order at 7:10 pm

Attendance - In attendance: Barb Shakotko, Dwight Morency, Mike Lewis, Bob Weinrauch, Adrian Pidhirney

Regrets : Marty Nish

Approval of minutes from previous meeting –Dwight Motioned to accept the minutes to the November 15, 2012 meeting, Mike Seconds, motion Accepted.


·         New member s – Intro – No new members.

Old Business:

1.       Marketing update – Web Page, Brochure, County News, Babble – The logo with black background looks good but we will play around with some different colors to see what it looks like. Marty was not in attendance to report on the web page or the work on the brochure for distribution through Springbrook. Bob has the j peg and will play around with the logo and colors.

2.       Charitable Status – Partnership with the Community Association – The group discussed the pros and cons of having charitable status. There were many arguments for both sides but none of us really understand the societies act very well. Mike offered to review the societies act and report back to the group. Discussions also came up whether we should maintain our status as an autonomous group or partner with the Community association under their umbrella.

Partnering with Community Association

Positives:            -      Credibility with potential sponsors, the county and community

-          Support, additional volunteers for events etc

-          Common goal being the betterment of the community

-          Continuity after the project is completed

-          Less startup/bookkeeping that starting a new society

-          History

Negatives:          -       Loss of control – outside parties (community association) have more influence,             having to abide by bylaws and regulations that were not set out with this project in mind

-          Potentially less fundraising opportunities (eg casinos)

-          Negative reputation/stigma from past

-          Change of leadership/priorities with the community association

-          Slower response to decisions if they have to go through the Community Assoc.

Autonomous society

Positives:            -     Complete control of decisions/finances

-          100% of fundraising revenue, not having to share with other projects or groups through Community assoc.

-          Own Identity, no labels, no reputation or stigma


Negatives:          - No History/ Reputation – everything has to be built from scratch

-          County may not fund projects from a second group in the community

-          Bigger commitment when it comes to setting up a society, bookkeeping, yearly reporting etc

-          Need to set up new governance/bylaws etc


Middle Ground? – The group discussed the possibility of coming to some kind of partnership with the community association that would be middle ground between the two scenarios but due to the lack of knowledge of the societies act this will have to be researched further. This would take the form of some kind of subsidiary or special project under the auspices of the Community Association. This would add to the seamless transition from developing the Skatepark to the Community Association owning the Skatepark. It would also help with insurance, ongoing maintenance/upkeep etc.

3.       Timeline –

·         During the January 3 meeting we would like to roll out the rough draft of the brochures, being able to add any mission/vision information that we come up with.

·         Committee members will come to meeting with ideas for values, mission and vision statements.

·         Delivery of brochures will be by January 10

·         Elect Executive January 17

·         Board Development/strategic plan in April

4.       Review Questions to consider / Flowchart – Adrian Handed out new Questions to consider worksheets with areas to answer the questions or make notes

New Business:

Terms Of Reference – Mission Statement, Vision, Values, Goals/objectives - All committee members will receive a copy of the information on developing mission, vision, values and SWOT

Next Meeting

October 18, 2017
All are welcome to come!