February 21, 2013

Springbrook Fire Station

Election of Executive:

Dwight Morency – Chairperson

Marty Nish – Vice Chairperson

Bob Weinrauch – Treasurer

Korina Boettcher – Secretary

Meeting called to order

Attendance - In attendance: Korina Boettcher, Dwight Morency, Marty Nish, Mike Lewis, Bob Weinrauch, Adrian Pidhirney

Approval of minutes from previous meeting – Date on the bottom of the February 7 minutes read November 7 and will be changed to February 21 as the date of the next meeting. Dwight moves to accept February 7, 2013 minutes as amended. Korina seconds the motion. Motion Carried.


·         Welcome to new executive members! – The executive members will consist of the 4 positions of Chairperson, Vice Chair Person, Treasurer and Secretary. The remainder of the board will consist of other prominent members that volunteer for committee and subcommittee work. To date Mike Lewis and Adrian Pidhirney will be directors. New members will be added by consensus at future meetings.

Old Business:

1.       Marketing update – Email is working well, SC@ accounts are now successfully being forwarded to personal accounts. Everyone has access to their webmail accounts. The website will be developed to have the following pages when appropriate:

a.       About section

b.      Special Events

c.       Discussion Forum

d.      Donation page

e.      Donation meter (e.g. thermometer)

A QR code has also been developed to route mobile users to the website. Korina will develop a Facebook page for the SC2.

2.       Timeline- Bank Account will be opened on the March 7 Meeting date with Bob, March 21 we will work on the SWOT analysis, Dwight will attempt to get Jim Barnum from Spectrum Skatepark Design to come to a meeting before June, A board Development day will be held in may or June to solidify the mission, vision, values, and develop a strategic plan for the group. Dates will be determined once a facilitator has been confirmed.

3.       SWOT analysis - March Meetings March 21

New Business:

1.       Board Development – Terry Vaughan has been contacted to facilitate a board development session. Once he is confirmed with a date the board would like to cover the following items in the sessions.

a.       Strategic Planning

b.      Review of mission, vision, values and goals

c.       Job descriptions

d.      Increasing membership

e.      Any other suggestions that Terry is willing to offer.


2.       Welcome Executive… What now? – We will have to adjust the agendas for the meetings to reflect the different committee reports/treasurer report. Dwight will take over the Chair position and developing the Agenda for the meetings. Korina will take over the secretary role with the task of record keeping, taking and distributing meeting minutes. Job descriptions will be developed at the board development session.

3.       Bank Account – Dwight motions to set up a bank account at the Alberta Treasury Branch.

The name on the account will be Springbrook Community Skatepark Committee. Dwight Morency, Marty Nish, Bob Weinrauch and Korina Boettcher will be listed as signers on the account. Cheques will need 2 signers. Korina seconds the motion. Motion Carried.


1.       Next meeting date – Next Meeting March 7, 7pm at the Springbrook Fire Hall

2.       Adjourn meeting – Bob motions to adjourn the meeting. Dwight seconds. Motion Carried. Meeting adjourned at 8:40 pm.

Next Meeting

October 18, 2017
All are welcome to come!