March 7, 2013

Springbrook Fire Station

Meeting called to order at 7:14 pm

Attendance - In attendance: Korina Boettcher, Dwight Morency, Marty Nish, Mike Lewis, Adrian Pidhirney

Regrets: Bob Weinrauch

Approval of minutes from previous meeting – No Changes needed; Dwight moves to accept February 21, 2013 minutes. Mike seconds the motion. Motion Carried.

Standing Committee Reports

1.       Treasurers Report - Banking info; Bob not in attendance, but emailed the paperwork for Dwight, Korina and Marty to complete to finish setting up the bank account. Dwight, Korina and Marty completed and signed paperwork, Dwight to return to Bob.

2.       Marketing Report – Website; Marty added links for “About” section, in this section he took information from our brochure. Marty added 2 news updates to the front page, the presentation from Newline and the election of the Committee Members. Marty would like a picture and blurb from each Executive and Director for the website, due by next meeting. Adrian to also use these for an article in the County News. Marty would like to know if Mike or Adrian have any pictures from the skate park display at the Family Day Celebration, they will look into it and send to Marty. Marty has added the meeting dates and location to the front page. He is working on the Donation page, now that the bank account is set up and he is working on a Special Events page. Marty to look into an “automatic event” upload from the website to the Facebook page that Korina and Adrian have set up. Google Analytics is tracking visitors to the website, currently have 3-4 people a day.

3.       Fundraising Report – Account is now set up and we are ready to accept donations to the skate park! Currently no fundraising plans, we need more volunteers so that we can appoint a Fundraising Coordinator. Chuck, owner of Springbrook store, has approached Dwight with some ideas for fundraising. Chuck needs to attend a Springbrook Community Association or Skate park Committee meeting to discuss his ideas.

Old Business:

1.       Board Development Session – Adrian has spoken with Terry Vaughn, Terry suggested meeting on our two regular meetings in June. Those dates are June 6th and 20th from 6-10 pm. Adrian to look into catering. Terry would like to meet with Dwight and Adrian to discuss topics that will be covered at meetings in June. Adrian moves to book Terry Vaughn, Dwight Seconds the motion. Motion Carried.

2.       Timeline – Tabled until Spectrum gives presentation

3.       SWOT Analysis – SWOT Handout given, see attached. Quickly discussed handout and the definition of SWOT. (Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) SWOT is tabled until after Spectrum gives their presentation. Trevor Morgan (Newline Skate Park) gave us a few handouts on sample budgets and ideas from their project in Sundre. Committee to brainstorm some ideas to bring to the SWOT discussion.

New Business:

1.       Job Descriptions - See attached. Job descriptions were reviewed and accepted by each member who currently holds the title. Term of each position is 2 years. We need more volunteers so that the committee can elect a Fundraising Coordinator.

2.       Spectrum – Dwight has spoken with Jim Barnum from Spectrum. He is excited to come and present to the community and committee. He wanted to come on March 14th, but one week notice is not enough time to invite community. Dwight will offer alternate dates to Jim; those dates are March 21st, March 28th or April 4th. Dwight will let everyone know via email what date Jim has chosen. Mike to speak with Tara Lind (Treasurer of Community Association) about free advertising on the Community sign, to include the date and time that Spectrum will be here. Adrian to also post signs on his sandwich boards.

3.       Volunteer Appreciation Night- Adrian has tickets for everyone (Community Association will also receive tickets) for the Red Deer County Volunteer Appreciation Event Monday April 8th, 7-9 pm.

4.       Rumor regarding Skate Park - Dwight and Adrian have heard a rumor that the county is against the skate park being built. Adrian spoke with the county and no they are not against it and they have not received any formal proposals either. Rumor was spread that county didn’t want the skate park but a private source offered to have it on their land. County does not recommend skate parks being built on private land for many reasons including liability and insurance.

5.       Land use re: Historical Society vs. Skate Park - There is some confusion as to how much land has been allotted to the Historical Society for their future museum which would effect where we could propose to put the Skatepark in Springbrook.  Adrian has been speaking with the county and will continue to do so. We are waiting on the county’s confirmation as to the land for Historical Society and the land proposed for the skate park. Adrian to keep the committee updated.


1.       Next Meeting March 21st, 7 pm Springbrook Fire Hall

2.       Adjourn Meeting – Adrian moves to adjourn meeting, Marty Seconds, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 9:10 pm

Next Meeting

October 18, 2017
All are welcome to come!