April 18, 2013

Springbrook Fire Station

Meeting called to order

Attendance - In attendance: Virginia Holt, Don Holt, Adrian Pidhirney, Marty Nish, Dwight Morency. Regrets Bob Weinrauch, Korina Boettcher, Mike Lewis.

Approval of minutes from previous meeting – Marty Moves to approve minutes from March 21 meeting. (April 4 was a presentation night from Spectrum Skatepark Creations.) Dwight Seconds. Motion Carried

Standing Committee Reports

1.       Treasurers Report – banking info – Bob – Tabled as Bob is not in attendance

2.       Marketing Report – Website – Marty – Marty is looking to link a PayPal account to the website for donations. He has also been looking into crowd funding programs; one called Kickstart was used as an example. There are visitors to the website every 2 or 3rd day. Marty is also looking to add Discussion forums to the page

3.       Fundraising Report – TBD – There still is no Fundraising Coordinator so the committee as a group will have to start some kind of fundraising plan including a donor recognition model. Some ideas for the donor recognition is to sell naming rights to certain parts of the park, e.g. park benches , elements like a bowl or half pipe could be named after a company. Other ideas would be to have a sidewalk leading up to the Skatepark with bricks in the middle with donors names on them, lined by concrete with handprints and names of the youth/committee volunteers doing the fundraising. Other ideas include a donor wall with different plaques on it or a gold/silver/bronze scheme. This will be priority going into summer so we can start sponsorship campaign.

  Old Business:

1.       Spectrum Skatepark Creations – Everyone in attendance was impressed with Spectrums presentation. Some of the things were similar to the New line skate parks presentation, especially regarding the support to the committee in fundraising, the celebration upon completion etc. Spectrum did a good job of highlighting their accolades and build quality, focusing on them being a small company with an owner on site during the entire construction phase.

2.       Board Development session –It was decided that during the board development sessions we would support both places in town for the meals. One night would be the store catering and the other night would be the Circuit Café.

3.       Fundraising plan for summer – Bottle drives will commence the weekend after every long weekend during the summer, starting May 25. There were several adult volunteers that are willing to help supervise and drive, Adrian will work on promotion in the babble and getting the youth involved in the event. Bottle Bin – Dwight will donate tools to help build a bottle bin; Mike was not in attendance but may be able to lend a hand with building expertise to help build the bin. Materials were discussed but not decided on, possibly made from wood frame and tin siding/roof material with either an open top or a donation chute. Harley Davidson has stated that they do BBQ’s to benefit different causes; Dwight will have Donna look into that as a fundraising option. A fall event was also discussed. Some kind of banquet/ silent auction with entertainment like a casino night or band or something.

4.       Timeline – update timeline dates – when do we plan on making a decision about contractors

Timeline would be adapted as follows:

·         May 2 Newline Presentation

·         May 16 decide on design team

·         May 25 Bottle Drive

·         June 6 Terry Vaughan – Board Development

·         June 20 Terry Vaughan – Board Development

·         July 6 Bottle Drive

·         August 10 Bottle Drive

·         September 7 Bottle Drive

·         Fall Fundraiser/TBD

New Business:

1.       Determine goals of Board Development sessions with Terry Vaughan – Structure of fundraising committee, Review Mission/Vision/Values/Job Descriptions/SWOT analysis

2.       Newline – Tour of skate parks – 2nd presentation – Yes we want another presentation from New Line as the last one was put together very quickly and there was not a lot of promotion done. May 2 is the date that we will try for. Dwight will contact newline to arrange

3.       Society rules – Bank Accounts, Fundraising – Dwight will contact the Provincial Government through the rite line to enquire about donations and bank account questions.


1.       Next meeting date – Next Meeting May 2, 7pm at the Springbrook Fire Hall

Adjourn meeting – Adrian moves to adjourn meeting at 8:45 pm, Marty seconds.

Next Meeting

October 18, 2017
All are welcome to come!