December 3, 2014

Meeting called to order at 7:08 pm

Attendance - In attendance: Bob, Marty, Glenn Adrian Dwight

Approval of minutes from previous meeting –September 17, 2014 Bob motioned to approve the minutes, Marty seconds the motion. Approved

Standing Committee Reports

1.       Treasurers Report – banking info - Bob - $57050.52 in account, Cheque from Reason to Ride for $940 and $100 from Springbrook Multiplex from Adam Gregory Fundraiser to add to the total. Total should be $58090.52

2.       Marketing Report – Website - Marty - Website is up to date with meetings, there hasn't been a lot of news to add to the page lately.

3.       Fundraising Report – Bottle drop off was poorly attended but there was not a lot of time for advertising. Trailer is half full of bottles.

Old Business:

1.       Donation Bin -Mike - December 1-April 30Mike stated that if we give him dates he could arrange to have the bin dropped off. He is not in attendance for the meeting so we will have to get answers from him at a different time.

2.       Buffalo Airways - glen and Adrian pictures - no pictures yet. Waiting for the right people to be there to ask permission.

3.       CFEP grant application - Tabled until site design is complete so we can add it to the package.

4.       Ramps move into tennis court/Chuck Insurance/lease - Tabled until March as we can't do anything with them at the moment as is.

5.       New Membership/ Secretary position - No new members at the meeting

6.       Tile-One Gift Certificate - On line auction finishing off at Christmas party has been decided as our plan of action.

New Business:

1.       Lease agreement with the county - Mike has lease agreement - tabled until he can be in attendance to update us.

2.       Update from Spectrum - Design is almost done, they should have something to us in the new year for Family Day

3.       Presentation for Rotary Club - Adrian will arrange times to present to Rotary Club, March will be the target date.

4.       Geotechnical - Bills all seem to be within range but the concern was raised that if we need further information they may not be overly accommodating if the bill is paid in full. We will explore options with this. Dwight will contact Spectrum to see if they need any further information from Midland.


Update timeline for Events/Fundraising


1.       Next meeting date –January 7, 2015 - 7pm at the Springbrook Fire Hall

2.       Adjourn meeting – Motion to Adjourn at 7:45pm

Next Meeting

October 18, 2017
All are welcome to come!