September 20, 2012

Springbrook Fire Station

Meeting called to order at 6:55 pm

Attendance - In attendance: Dwight Morency, Marty Nish, Bob Weinrauch, Adrian Pidhirney

Regrets Donna Morency, Paul Phillips, Austin Bakos, Brandon Seiler, Kaleb Fleury, Mike Lewis, Sheldon Skuce.

Approval of minutes from previous meeting – Minutes were reviewed, Dwight motioned to pass minutes as read, Marty Seconded.


·         One new member in attendance, Bob Weinrauch. Lived in Springbrook for 10 years, has 2 kids aged 9 and 7, lives in the Harvard park area of town. Bob is in the financial business and works in a bank.

Old Business:

1.       Re Cap of open forums discussions, positives negatives, concerns, Myths vs Truth – Discussed some of the myths and reality that were brought up at the last meeting. No new concerns were raised by the group

2.       Questions to consider – quick review of the questions to consider. No concerns

New Business:

1.       Official name for the group – brainstormed several names for the group names discussed include

a.       Springbrook Community Skatepark Committee (SCSC)

b.      Springbrook Skatepark Committee

c.       Harvard Park Skateboard/BMX Association

d.      Mynarski Park Skateboard/BMX Association

2.       Roles/structure – Committee members brought up the idea that roles should mimic skill sets and experience. For example bob has a banking background and should be involved with the financial aspect in some way, Dwight has a construction/earthmoving background and should be involved in the construction/site in some way

3.       Charitable status? – We will need to have a firm structure and bylaws with terms of reference etc to apply for Charitable status. Discussion tables on structure until more members are on board.

4.       Timeline – Priorities right now are to get the word out about the committee to gain more community support. Other priorities will be to develop marketing/promotional itemns such as a brochure, website, Social Media etc. to boost legitimacy. We would also like to get a ballpark idea on cost scenarios, approximate cost per square foot etc. Marty will start to work on marketing items, Dwight will call companies that build skateparks and get ballpark ideas of cost, Adrian will liaise with the county regarding the potential land that the committee is thinking of.

5.       Future guest speakers – The committee thought it would be good to have a skatepark company come to present information, possibly some people involved in the construction of other skateparks within central Alberta. We would also like someone to come in to help with board development/master plan development etc.



1.       Next meeting date – regular meeting days/times? – October 18, 2012 at 6:30pm

2.       Adjourn meeting Meeting Adjourned at 8:30pm

Next Meeting

October 18, 2017
All are welcome to come!