October 18, 2012

Springbrook Fire Station

Meeting called to order

Attendance - In attendance: Adrian Pidhirney, Chuck Woodrow, Mike Lewis, Barbra Shakotko, Marty Nish, Bob Weinrauch, Dwight Morency


Approval of minutes from previous meeting – Dwight motioned to approve the minutes of the September meeting as read, Mike seconded, All approved – motion carried.


·         New member – Barb Shakotko – Barb has lived in Springbrook for approximately 9 years, she has 2 kids, both of which would use the Skatepark.

Old Business:

1.       Re Cap of open forums discussions, positives negatives, concerns, Myths vs Truth – Dwight has looked into 3 Canadian companies that build skateparks. 1. Newline Skateparks – out of BC but has office in Calgary, Currently building Red Deer’s new skate park, previously built Airdrie, Olds, Sylvan and Lacombes skateparks. General estimate is approximately $40 per square foot plus an 8% engineering cost. Contact Trevor Morgan. 2. Spectrum Skateparks – Approx. the same cost per square foot, recently built Swan Hills Skatepark. Contact is Jim Barnum. 3. Canadian Ramp Company – Modular or concrete, based out of Ontario, can download a PDF about each type of system.

2.       Official name for the group – discussed many different names for group. After discussion Dwight moved to name the group Springbrook Community Skatepark Committee. Seconded by Marty. All in favor – motion carried.

3.       Roles/structure – Names were discussed for the roles in the group. It was decided that the typical president, vice president and treasurer roles would be appropriate and there was no need to change the format, or structure of the executive roles. After further planning it was determined that the January meeting (January 17, 2013) would be general elections for the positions mentioned.

4.       Future guest speakers – Future speakers/development could be Trevor Morgan from New Line Skateparks to discuss the process of building a skatepark and what we would need to do as a committee, Dawn LaMontagne from Red Deer County to work on Board Development. She would be appropriate to have in the spring, after the committee develops a mission, vision etc. The committee would also like to have an open house for the community, local businesses/sponsors etc.

5.       Marketing update – Marty is working on a website and brochure design. Bob has offered to work on a logo for the committee.

New Business:

1.       Charitable status – The question was posed as to whether the committee should apply for charitable status under Revenue Canada, This would give us the charitable status. Other options for this would be to partner with a group that already is a Registered Charity. The group will present to the Springbrook Community Association to potentially partner as they may be a charitable group.

2.       Timeline – The name for the group has been determined for the group at this meeting. January 17, 2013 has been determined as the general election day. Board development will happen in the spring of 2013 (March or April Meeting) and the group will approach the Community Association at the next meeting regarding a partnership pertaining to the Charitable Status. The next Community Association meeting is scheduled for November 12, 2012. Terms of reference will be worked on at meetings before the board development workshop. Marketing items will be ready before the November 15 meeting.

3.       Terms Of Reference – Mission Statement, Vision, Values, Goals/objectives – tabled


1.       Next meeting date – Next meeting will be held on November 15, 2012

2.       Adjourn meeting – meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm

Next Meeting

October 18, 2017
All are welcome to come!