Aug. 22, 2012 Initial Meeting

Initial Meeting

Springbrook Community Centre

Meeting called to order

Attendance - In attendance: Mike Lewis, Paul Phillips, Donna Morency, Dwight Morency, Marty Nish – Youth Sheldon Skuce, Caleb Fleury, Braden Seiler, Ausatin Bakos

Regrets, Chris Savage, Kyle from Timberwolf Skidsteer services

Background – Adrian Pidhirney from the Red Deer County and FCSS had heard from several different groups of people over the past year that Springbrook needed something for teenagers to do as there are no services or programs for teenagers in Springbrook. During several of the discussions the development of a skate park was brought up by both youth and adults in the community. This meeting is to gage the interest in the community and see if it is justifiable to start an official group to attempt to get a skate park in Springbrook.

Open discussion regarding building a skate park in Springbrook

1.       Positives – Getting youth involved will help cut down on damage and vandalism. Youth expressed that they would like elements that challenge them and that they will use for more than a few months. The negative stigma of skate parks has disappeared and they are seen as not only an asset to a community but as a necessity.

2.       Negatives- wood doesn’t last long, high in maintenance, youth get bored of small or unplanned elements easily and use them improperly resulting in damage or injury. Wood ramps result in slivers when a rider falls.

3.       Concerns – noise, vandalism, location and build materials were raised as concerns. Cost to build a dedicated skate park, are there grants from different levels of government? Are there opportunities for corporate sponsorships?

Introduce Questions to consider

1.       Introduce any other documentation or Audio Visual material-

-          Adrian introduced some questions to consider during the process of developing a skate park

-          Does this group feel that there is enough interest to formally develop a committee? – Yes

-          Who else should sit on the committee? – Kyle –( local resident with lots of skateboarding and BMX experience), The Community Association should have representation and play a lead role in the development of a skate park, More youth need to be invested as the park is for them , other community members that have a vested interest.

Where to go from here?

The group decided to have regular meetings to get the process started for the skate park. It was decided that the 3rd Thursday of each month at 6:30 pm will be regular meeting dates. The first formal meeting of the not yet named Springbrook skate park committee will take place on September 20, 2012. Anyone going to communities with skate parks will take pictures of the skate park for further discussion on design wants and needs.

Action Items

·         All members in attendance will spread word of the committee and recruit new members for the first meeting

·         All members will do research on skateparks that they visit, take pictures to pass around to the group.

·         Adrian will do minutes and create a distribution list to keep people informed of meetings etc.


1.       Next meeting date – Thursday September 20, 2012. Meetings will be on the regular day of the 3rd Thursday of the month.

2.       Adjourn meeting at 8:30 pm

Next Meeting

October 18, 2017
All are welcome to come!