January 14, 2015

Meeting called to order at 7:08pm

Attendance - In attendance: Bob Wienraugh, Dwight Morency, Glenn Carver, Adrian Pidhirney

Approval of minutes from previous meeting –Dec 3, 2014, approved as read by Adrian Pidhirney

Standing Committee Reports

1.       Treasurers Report – banking info - Bob - Deposited 1040 plus interest, total in account is $58092.22. No cheques are currently outstanding, no bank statement, nothing returned.

2.       Marketing Report – Website - Marty - Not in attendance

3.       Fundraising Report –

·         Bottle drop off planned for Jan 24, Dwight will man the drop off, Adrian will make sure the trailer is there, Glenn will drop by to help out.

·         Do we still want to do a concert with Adam Gregory this year? Dwight will contact Cathy to see if Adam is interested again this year.

·         Fundraising meeting set for Jan 28, 7pm.

Old Business:

1.       Donation Bin -Mike - December 1-April 30 - Where is it? Mike was not in attendance this evening. - Tabled

2.       Buffalo Airways - Adrian and Glen will coordinate

3.       CFEP grant application - We will bring this up in the Fundraising meeting on January 28.

4.       Ramps move into tennis court/Chuck Insurance/lease - Tabled until March

5.       New Membership/ Secretary position - How do we get more people out to meetings?

6.       Tile-One Gift Certificate - Silent Auction at Family Day

7.       Lease agreement with the county - Community Association was worried about how things were phrased, they were thinking that the Association would need to pay for insurance on a skatepark from day 1. Someone on Community Association board is looking into getting quotes for insurance from county provider.

New Business:

1.       Update from Spectrum - Jim doesn't feel that there's anything else they will need from the Geotechnical company, Midland, but wants to get a Schedule c signed before we pay them all the funds. He recommended that we holdback 10% to ensure we get the paperwork when needed. The preliminary design is complete in 3d, Jim will get designs out to us ASAP so we can present things at Family Day.

2.       Presentation for Rotary Club - We need to work on a Powerpoint Presentation for presentations to service groups and to companies.

3.       Check for geotechnical services - Total was $4415.25, 10% holdback would equal 3973.73. It was agreed to pay $4000.00 and pay the remaining $415.25 once the Schedule c has been completed.


Update timeline for Events/Fundraising

Bottle Drive Jan 24

Fundraising meeting Jan 28

Regular meeting Feb 4

Family Day Feb 16


1.       Next meeting date –February 4, 2015 - 7pm at the Springbrook Fire Hall

2.       Adjourn meeting – Meeting Adjourned at 7:58pm

Next Meeting

October 18, 2017
All are welcome to come!