Corporate Sponsorship Options

Cash or in-kind donations

Title Sponsor:                                                                                 Goal $100,000

·        Name on park for life of the park (minimum 15 years)

·        Name recognition at all events and on all printed publications/media

·        Options for additional signage on site

·        Logo/business stamped/etched in concrete on park surfaces

·        Booth space at events and festivals

·        First right of refusal for sponsorship of special events



All Amenities are recognised with large plaques/dedications attached to fixture as well as local name recognition for special events and festivals.

Gazebo:   $25,000 x 1                                                      Goal $25,000

Benches:  $5000 x 4                                                         Goal $20,000

Picnic Tables: $7500 x 2                                                 Goal $15,000

Bowl section of Park:                                                       Goal $40,000

Plaza section of Park:                                                      Goal $40,000


Goal for corporate sponsorships                                             $240,000


Personal Sponsorship Options

Donations are cash donations from individuals, families and small business.  Donations are recognised with different size stones in the “Walk of Fame” leading into the park.  The walk of fame is located on the north side of the sports field and is the main entrance into the greenspace housing the skate park, 2 ball diamonds and 2 soccer pitches.  Future plans will include a splash park and a playground.  Each donation includes a paver of corresponding size with your family name, company name or message engraved into the paver and painted in a selection of colors.  8x8 pavers include an option for a 1 color logo or picture (within specs) and 12x12 stones come with an option of a multi- color logo or picture (within specs)

Gold Level - $1000– 12x12 stone - Largest stones in Walk of Fame – main walkway. Colour logo or text, extra stone to display in your business or garden.

Silver Level - $500 donation – 8x8 stone - Medium stones with 4 lines of text or single colour logo

Bronze Level – $250 donation - Small Stones with 2 lines of Text

Supporter - $100 - $250 – Plaque on donor wall in corresponding sizes


Goal for private/small business sponsorship                          $30,000


What we've done so far...

SC2 has engaged in a number of fundraising endeavors. Some of these include:

Bottle Drives
Besides bringing in a helpful amount of funds towards the skatepark project they also have been great for building awareness and support in the community of Springbrook.

Adam Gregory Fundraising Concert
This was a great event and we had incredible support from the community and surrounding communities of Penhold and Red Deer. The concert was a definite success with all those attending thoroughly enjoying the performance by Adam and the house band Thirteen Distractions. Thanks to all the businesses and individuals who donated silent auction items for this event. Stay tuned for info on next years concert.

Bake Sale

Bike Jam

Individual Efforts
From time to time individuals get inspired and use their ideas to generate funds towards the skatepark.

Where are we at?

$ 600000
donation thermometer
donation thermometer
$ 213680
donation thermometer

Our Designers/Builders

Fifteen years of Spectrum has produced over 1.4 million square feet of skateparks in North America, Europe and Asia, cementing us as one of the world leaders in creating insane terrain.


New Line Skateparks is Canada’s longest running and most respected municipal skatepark design and construction team. Industry pioneers with nearly 200 highly recognized projects and over a decade of concrete skatepark development experience.